The last quarter of the year just got a lot more interesting! Hyatt just announced the possibility of reaching their highest status with 20 nights versus the usual 60 nights. Here’s the direct link.The cool thing about this is that in the past Points & Cash stays have counted towards the required number of nights.

As far as I know, with Marriott only fully paid nights count. I’m comparing these 2 programs because, it is possible to reach Marriott Platinum with 9 stays (not nights) within 90 days as opposed to 75 nights. I have been contemplating the possibility of going after Marriott platinum status. As I have pointed out before on my post One More Thing Even Savvy Travel Hackers Don’t KnowMarriott Platinum status might be the best status to have, since it automatically gives you United Silver, SPG Platinum, Ritz-Carlton Platinum, Delta Silver Medallion-like perks.

In my case, my Hyatt status is that of a lowly Discoverist and as a Hyatt fan reaching the much more rewarding Globalist would make most of my vacations next year potentially a lot better. I write “potentially” because one of the downsides of this easier than ever access to the top status will come with a great loss in many of the benefits. If this promotion is successful and I have no doubt it will be, once you become a Globalist there will be many more people with the same status. The Hyatt pie will not grow, but the number of pie-eaters might skyrocket! In effect, you might end up not seeing as many upgrades as you have hoped after all. One thing is for sure, Hyatt’s Club lounges will be a lot fuller the next time you visit.

Some might read this and think, “there’s no contest,” but the reason I try to compare these 2 competing options is because it adds to the opportunity cost of going for the Marriott platinum which I was planning to undertake beginning in 2 days. If you do not already have status with Marriott, going for Hyatt Globalist should be an easier decision. In the end, it is great to see that there is competition and access for those of us who started this game not so long ago.

Will you go for the Hyatt or Marriott fast track to the top? Please let us know in the comments! Thank you!


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