People in the points and miles “hobby” usually call Delta SkyMiles “SkyPesos.” But I have always felt a bit uneasy about calling them that for the following reasons:

  1. Calling them SkyPesos makes no sense because miles are an English or Imperial unit of length, wile pesos are currency.
  2. I can’t deny I feel bad putting pesos down since I love Latin America.
  3. Pesos can actually fluctuate in value, Delta will never let SkyMiles be worth anything again!
  4. SkyInches makes a lot more sense since it is the smallest commonly used English unit of length. I admit that SkyPoppyseed(the smallest English unit of length equaling 0.0833 of an inch) would be even more accurate, but not many people would get the reference.

Thus, from now on, when I write about SkyMiles, don’t be surprised when I officially call them SkyInches as in I’m waiting for Delta to post my 70,000 SkyInches. I can’t seem to be able to book anything with my 300,000 SkyInches! WOW! That trip to Vienna in coach costs 2 million SkyInches!

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