About 2 years ago at was at Chicago’s ORD with a couple of coworkers. One of them said, guys I’ll meet you at the gate when you make it there. As a somewhat sophisticated traveler, I questioned why haven’t I gotten TSA Pre✔️ yet? The price is reasonable, the process is a breeze, the benefits are great.

But I should not have gotten Pre✔️, but Global Entry (GE) instead. The TSA has a great article explaining what each of these services is. GE costs $15 more than Pre✔️, but it includes everything it offers plus expedited US customs screening. In practice, not many people have GE so I’ve never seen a long line. While most people wait for hours, you can be waiting for your luggage and maybe on your way to home while your fellow non-GE travelers are stuck waiting in line. Many premium credit cards offer GE and TSA Pre✔️ for free as a statement credit. I did not get TSA Pre ✔️ for free, I don’t regret the investment, however I’m getting GE the next time around. Get started here and make time wasted waiting on a TSA or reentry to the US a thing of the past.

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