For the last few months, I have been using Google Trips to help me plan and assist me during my trips. If you have been a Gmail user for any length of time this app works like magic. You install the app, log-in and Google Trips automatically gathers all your travel information.

The app has 6 sections seen below

When you tap on reservations your flight, train, hotel and any other travel reservations will be there for you!

If you never got an email confirmation of your reservation, you can also add it manually.

Under Things To Do, you will have recommendations that range from Top Spots to things you can do with indoors, outdoors, with kids, etc.

When you star a place it will appear on your Saved places and you can ask Google Trips to give priority to saved places when it designs your day plans

You also have the ability to customize your day plans. However, Google seems to have emulated Apple since you are limited in terms of how much you can customize your plans. This only gets worse when it comes to places to eat.

Food and Drinks is great, but there is no way to add your own places. If Google did not include it, you’re out of luck! I personally, trust concierges, friends, Yelp and TripAdvisor more that I trust Google when it comes to food and drink recommendations.

The last section of this app is called Need to Know, which includes very useful information ranging from Health and Emergency to internet availability.

Overall this is a great trip companion, it offers lots of useful information. You can also download the maps and all the content for offline use. My main concern is the creepiness factor. In case you did not know it, Google knows way too much about you! In my case the trace of trips goes all the way back to 2008! If you trust Google and are not bothered by this, you will be fine. The other shortcoming, is inability to add your own restaurants or places of interest. This app would be much better if it were fully customizable. This app has the potential to be the only travel app, you’ll ever need. If Google adds more features that capitalize on all it already knows about us, plus the ability to customize the app, I will have nothing to complain about. This is not the only player in this space, I downloaded a couple and deleted them within minutes due to how cumbersome and user hostile they were. My friend swears by Triposo, I will try it on my next trip and report back if this is a worthy alternative to Google Trips.

You can check out everything this app can do and get it free of charge at:


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