Park Hyatt Milan

As you can see, the location is perfect: steps from the Duomo, Vittorio Emanuele II, and La Scala.

We booked the Park Hyatt Milan using a combination of World of Hyatt points and cash. 15,000 points and about €276. Let me start with the only part that was a bit underwhelming. When we arrived our suite was not ready, this was fine with us since we were early. A very attentive hotel porter took care of our luggage. We went to eat something quick at an inexpensive and very efficient local favorite, Pizzeria Spontini. While we waited, we also checked out the Ferrari store. The way we were welcomed at the Park Hyatt Zürich was a lot warmer and smooth. Our room there was ready within a couple of minutes and we were able to go enjoy the city. Our luggage was taken to our room while we spoke with the concierge. In Milan, the concierge was a lot less accessible and less welcoming. There is definitely more of an air of self importance at play. To be completely fair, it is possible that Milan was also a lot busier than Zürich was. Nonetheless, that was the only negative at this hotel. This is truly a five star establishment, and without a doubt one of the best 3 hotels in Milan. Once our room was ready someone came to show us around and explain how things worked. There is a combination of classic elegance, marble everywhere-you-look and state of the art tv and sound system on the other.

Within minutes, 2 staff came to bring a small bed for our child. They made sure everything was perfect. Then, a few minutes later, someone brought a small fruit basket for the adults and our child got a very nice welcome tray.

Here’s a video of our suite, which was by far our biggest and best hotel room we had during our time in Europe

As I pointed out on our 24 Hours in Milan post, our late dinner at Mío was our last and best dinner in Europe. The service was wonderful and absolutely every thing each of us had was delicious. This was our third Hyatt in less than 3 months, we would go back in a heartbeat!

While things were not as smooth when we got to the hotel as they could have been, once we got our room we were able to enjoy one of our best stays at any hotel ever!


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