As a points and miles enthusiast, the title of this post is one of the most frequent questions I get. From now on, I can just send those who ask me to this post. 😀

in order to answer the question, I first need to ask: How many cards have you gotten during the last 2 years?

If less than 5 cards, my recommendation would be to look at which Chase cards meet your needs. I don’t know of a single travel hacker who would not recommend starting with Chase. One of the main reasons being what’s known as the 5/24 Rule. Chase will not issue a card if you’ve gotten more than 5 cards in the last 24 months. If you have opened more than 5 credit card accounts in the last 2 years, there might still be some hope by applying to cards not subject to the 5/24 Rule. If you’re interested in American Express, make sure you only apply for cards that are offering their highest ever bonus since Amex is strict about giving you one bonus per life time. For instance, I would only apply for the Platinum card if it’s offering 100,000+ MR points.

That aside, the most important thing to know is what you want to do with your card or cards? To be clearer, what do you plan to do with your sign-up bonus? Are you planning to go to Europe, Asia, Australia, Mexico or South America? Are you more concerned about getting free nights at top of the line hotels? Just like we pointed out on another post dealing with developing a points and miles strategy, once you establish your desired destination and have put together a budget, you can see which specific cards can help you make the most of your travel.

The good folks at Credit Karma have an excellent article which I have been recommending for a while.

On the next post, we will share our favorite cards and why we like them. In the meantime, Doctor Of Credit has an extensive list of best bonus offers for this month and reviews for each card.


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