On a previous post, I shared how impressed I’ve been with my Panasonic LUMIX LX10. It combines some of the features I love the most from my iPhone 7 Plus and my trusty DSLR. We spent 12 days in Europe and took thousands of pictures using the LX10. There were very few times when I wished I had my 2+ LBS Nikon with me. It’s true, it would have been amazing having both cameras and our iPhones during the trip, but I do not feel that carrying 3 heavy lenses in and extra bag to worry about, justified any gains in picture quality or versatility. My main concern was battery live and the lack of a super zoom lens. The battery performed better than expected, I was able to take well over 300 images per charge. I was also able to quickly charge the battery during the afternoon. I plan to order a second battery soon. They were not available before our trip and I did not want to buy one of the many knockoffs available online. I don’t think this is a good area to cut corners. These are some of my favorite shots showcasing the LX10’s panorama, HDR and low light capacities.


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