Earlier this week, a colleague and I began talk about points and miles. I did not know she was as much into this hobby as I’m. We both love travel and love to bring the family along. Naturally our conversation shifted to our plans for upcoming getaways. She has tons of Marriott points and was wondering how to make the most of them. I brought up the Marriott travel packages. To my surprise, such a savvy and seasoned traveler and Marriott Platinum, had never heard of what many of us consider the best deal in travel: Marriott 7 nights and miles packages. I quickly, showed here the program details found here (by the way, this blog does not get any compensation from Marriott). It took my colleague about 2 seconds to see the value of these packages and she was convinced this would be the way to go. Take a look at the available packages and see which one(s) are best for your situation. In my case, the United RewardsPlus package offers the best value. The way I see it, 7 nights at a category 9 Marriott would cost me 315,000 points. With a package, I would give Marriott 390,000 points for a those 7 nights, but also get 132,000 United miles. If let’s say, I’m able to find a category 9 at a centric location, we could fit in a couple of day trips to spice up our stay. However, it doesn’t have to be a category 9, there are plenty of great category 8 and 7 around the world, in which case the number of points needed drops by 30,000 to 60,000 points per package. If you want to go ultra high-end, you can also go for one of the Ritz-Carlton packages. Well, this was kind of an impromptu post to get you to check out these packages.

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