This is a special airline review by JL.

Researching Prices/Airlines

I have traveled a few times from and to NY and Florida. I have traveled on Delta, JetBlue and now testing Spirit Airlines. I am traveling with the entire Clan (my 2 Kids and wife).

First of all, I did a search on my favorite travel search tool, Google Flights. It is so easy to do, very simple, you get to compare different airlines prices on the spot and one of the best features I find google flights has the ability to track flight prices!

I am traveling from NYC to Fort Lauderdale (final destination is Miami), now, Spirit does not have a direct flight from NY to Miami. I had to choose another airport, and the closest they travel is to Fort Lauderdale which is about 32 Miles from Miami. I did a few dates searches, and the best price I could find from July 31st to August 8th from La Guardia to Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Why I Chose Spirit? Simple, as I mentioned before, I have traveled in other airlines and wanted to test ride Spirit, and the main important one was price point. Round trip tickets from La Guardia to FLL for the four of us was $574. Now, take into account, Spirit only allows for you to have a back pack or bag no larger than 18 X 14 X 8. If you want to bring a carry on bag, that would be an extra $31 per bag per flight and per person. A Checked in bag would be $38 and you can have up to 40 lbs in it.

We just did a one checked in bag for $38 X 2 (back and forth) since we are allow to have 1 backpack free per person, we did pack as much as needed for the 9 days in Miami. After all, I ended paying for the 4 tickets $650.00 US Dollars. In comparison with other airlines, There is a savings of almost $500 USD. In other words, if I were to flight on either Delta or JetBlue I would have to pay $1200.00 USD.

With Spirit you have to be on point, make sure bags are the size they have specified on website, before you head to the airport make sure to print out or have them email the boarding pass. Boarding passes are available 24 hours before the flight and up to 1 hour before departure. Doing this will save you $10.00 per Boarding Pass, in my case that is an extra $40 USD savings 😉 I chose both printed and emailed. I got the boarding passes on my email within a few seconds. As I mentioned, you save a bunch of money traveling on Spirit, BUT you need to make sure to do the steps I have mentioned to save money and time.

Trip to La Guardia and check-in

Getting to LaGuardia Airport from upper west side in Manhattan was a breeze and very cheap as well. Again, I did a quick search between Uber and Lyft, Uber was charging $38.06 while Lyft was charging $30.02 BUT luckily me, I had a 25% discount in the next five rides on Lyft, I took that in a heartbeat. It took the Lyft Driver ( a very polite young man) only 22 minutes to get to La Guardia!! Checkin in Spirit was fairly quick, less than 10 minutes and Spirit waiting area was very clean, Spirit Attendants were very helpful, and kept us informed with all that was happening with the flights. I also received several email with updates as well! Really Nice!

Boarding the aircraft was fairly quick. We had to make the average line to boar a plane roughly in 25 minutes we were inside the plane. An Airbus A321, plane was very clean, we had about 130-150 passengers inside the craft. The flight attendants were very polite on our trip to Fort Lauderdale.

Now, before you board the aircraft make sure to download your favorite episodes on Netflix or your favorite playlist from Spotify. There is no WiFi on this plane nor any TV to watch movies. Also bring some snacks to eat and your favorite drink as everything is sold inside the plane. Other than that it's a no brainer if you are looking to fly for cheap.

Flight NK 171 was schedule to leave at 3:30 PM actually left the ground around 3:45 about 15 minutes late. The pilot announced we were going to have a very smooth flight while on our way to 34,000 feet and we would be in FLL in around 6:30PM.

Plane actually landed at 6:20PM and it was a very smooth and good travel. deplane took us around 20 minutes and we were off to enjoy the Life of Miami. Overall, I would say it was a very good deal I got, good price, good service, and a very high kudos to Spirit Airlines!

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