Getting there

We took a high-speed train from Zürich HB to Paris-Gare de Lyon which arrived at 6:01 pm. In terms of food, we grabbed free lunch at ZHB, and then ate a cheese platter and a couple of sandwiches on the train. The coffee was quite good as well. You can see the video of the ride here.

From Paris-Gare de Lyon, we followed the Google Maps directions we had a screenshotted for offline use. Although we were able to get to our hotel, the directions were not the most accurate i.e. the nearest stop to the hotel was Opéra, yet Google Maps suggested Pirámides although it was further from the hotel.  I still think Google Maps is better than The moral of the story is do not trust any app or technology blindly. Just looking at the old fashion map would have helped us get to our hotel quicker.

Where we stayed

File Jul 15, 7 55 47 PM.jpeg

Our room at Rayz Private Suites

The best thing about our hotel was its location between Place Vedôme and Opéra Garnier. About half a block from the Opéra metro station and an easy walk/ a couple of stops to many top attractions.

The best thing about our hotel was the location, in between Place Vendôme and Opéra Garnier. The room was small, but I guess huge by Paris standards. The staff we interacted with during our 3 days, was attentive and professional. Coming from the Park Hyatt Zürich this hotel surely looked like a major downgrade. Just like in London and NYC, it is hard to get value out of hotels and restaurants. As I explained on our planning post, if we had known our travel dates months in advance it might have been possible to book a top hotel with points or points and cash.

What we did

Any semblance of sophistication went out of the window once we left our luggage at the hotel. We went straight to the Eiffel Tower and remained there until the place closed.

File Jul 15, 8 22 38 PM File Jul 22, 11 08 08 AM


We took the last elevator down and then took this picture on the way to the metro station.

We took this picture when we got out of the Opéra station on our return to our hotel. The Palais Garnier at least for me. was one of the places that truly exemplifies Paris's grandeur.

File Jul 22, 11 16 58 AM

We walked to our hotel more excited than tired, we still had 2 days to explore Paris. On the next couple of posts we will share the rest of our stay at the city of lights and where we went after.

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