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A few weeks ago, I realized that for years I have taken my flight gate number for granted. It always shows up on my app or when I check-in the gate is there. Before we left for Europe I noticed that our Virgin Atlantic flight confirmation had no gate. In its usual place there was an "x," and the never before message: "look at the monitor." This was the case on every flight we took. On our flight from London to Zürich, the gate was a mystery until 15 minutes or so before boarding! Then again, when we were getting ready to fly to Venice there was no gate. Even worse, the gate changed 3 times! While waiting for our connecting flight at Lyon, you guessed it: our gate changed! When we were getting ready to return home from Milan, I had no hope of seeing the gate information as I have done for many years, it seems keeping gates a mystery is the European way!

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