How we got there

We took a British Airways flight from LHR to ZRH. Getting to the airport on time was a breeze thanks to the Tube. We had time to get a refund on our Oyster Cards and spend some time at the Aspire lounge.

While the flight itself was smooth, the boarding process left a lot to be desired.  The gate number was not available until a few minutes before the flight which meant we had to run from the lounge to the mystery gate and take the shuttle train to get there. When we got to Zürich, we bought a pass that allowed us to access the train from the airport to Zürich HB (the main train hub) and all other forms of transportation (trams and buses) for the next 24 hours.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

Unlike London, at first glimpse transportation in Zürich seemed tricky. After we made it from the airport to Zürich HB, we had a difficult time getting to the hotel. As a matter of fact, we got lost. Yet, taking the T6 (Tram 6) in the wrong direction on our way to the hotel was great. We got a tour of the city which we might otherwise have missed. We were able to figure out the entire transit system in a matter of minutes thanks to our getting lost. Pro tip: If you find yourself at ZRH without internet, make sure to request your 2 free hours of Wi-Fi from the information desk. All you have to do is scan your boarding pass.

Where we stayed

We used one of our free Hyatt nights to stay at the Park Hyatt Zürich. This is one of the top hotels in the city and it’s located a couple of tram stops from Zürich HB. We were also able to walk to the lake and the historic area. The staff at this Hyatt was amazing, the young lady who helped us check-in and Johanna Merkel, the concierge went out of their way to ensure our time in Zürich was great. We stayed at one of the most modern rooms we had ever seen. While it wasn’t a suite, we had an ample top floor room.

Where we ate 

We were planning to eat at Kronenhalle, but if we did, we would have missed the lake cruise. We grabbed some tasty street pizza and ran to catch the cruise. We actually had a great meal during the 90-minute cruise. I need to also point out that our last meal in Zürich was free thanks to some kind of event at Zürich HB which included dessert and coffee. 

What we did

As soon as we checked in, we took the city map and did our very own walking tour of the historic area including the recommendations Johanna had made.


While in Zürich doing the 90-minute lake cruise is a must. To me, this was one of the highlights of our time in Europe and it’s perhaps the best deal in all of Zürich. We will share a video of the cruise in an upcoming post.

This trip to Zürich put the rest of the country on our travel list. I can see us having a great time visiting Zürich, Lucerne, Bern, and Genova among many other wonderful places.

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