How we got there

We took the shuttle from the JW Marriott Venice to Piazza Roma, from there we walked about 2 minutes to Venezia Santa Lucía, the main terminal in Venice. Of the 3 trains we took this turned out to be the least enjoyable. Perhaps it might have made sense to pay for first class.

Where we stayed

For Rome we did something completely new, we stayed at an Airbnb apartment near the Trevi Fountain. As a matter of fact, we were less than a 2-minute walk from the Trevi Metro stop. We were a bit apprehensive about the whole process, yet this was an excellent choice and things went as planned, within minutes of our arrival to the apartment we met our host, left our luggage and went to see as much as we could that evening. To put things in context, we paid for 2 nights in Rome with less than what we paid in Paris for one night. The 2 places were comparable, but our Airbnb apartment came with luxury touches you would expect from top hotels like slippers and complimentary Italian bubbly (Prosecco). If we return to Rome I would give this place serious consideration.

Where we ate

Our first evening in Rome, we ate at Taverna Barberini. The place was almost empty just a couple of families around us, then 47 people who were part of a school trip descended on this place! They were very well-behaved and being surrounded by them turned out to not be an issue. Things did take a lot longer than we expected. The food was good and plenty.


Bar delle Grazie was a true oasis near the Vatican. Great service, homemade breakfast, air conditioned and you don’t pay extra for sitting to drink your coffee as it’s the case at many places in Venice.

File Aug 04, 6 54 27 PM


We ate gelato at several different places. Our family consensus was that Wonderful Ice Cream was the best. On top of that, it was affordable and the staff was very nice to us.


What we did
Between dinner and walking to the Trevi Fountain, our first evening in the Eternal City was gone.

File Aug 04, 6 50 24 PM

We returned to our Airbnb apartment and found a great bed, we were able to get a very nice sleep. This is exactly what we would need because our itinerary for the second day was packed! We are putting the last touches on our second day in the Eternal City.

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