There are times when one visits a great city like Dallas, yet there is no time to enjoy the sights. In this case, I managed to at least enjoy the food.

I had my firs meal at DFW. Since Dallas is home to one of the few Centurion lounges in the country, I decided to pay a visit. All the hype is well-deserved, the food competes with that of many high-end restaurants. The staff was wonderful and seemed committed to making sure all patrons had a great experience. This is something other premium credit card providers should emulate.

The next day, I wanted a non-hotel meal, but I did not want to go far since I had work to do. According to Yelp, Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill was the best place around. Kenny’s turned out to be my favorite restaurant in the city! As you can see above, I went back the next day and it earned a bookmark on Yelp. I had about 3 meals there, and everything I ordered was delicious.

Galleria, Dallas, TX

After work, I took a walk to Galleria, and ended eating at Grand Lux Cafe.  GLC  is one of my favorite chain restaurants around. As part of a chain, the meals tend to be consistent regardless of where you go.  As you can see I was on my best behavior and only had a chicken salad without ordering one of their decadent desserts.

On my way to the airport, the driver swore that next time I visited Dallas I had to eat at Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ and Sammy’s Bar-B-Q. Well, next time I visit D-Town, you know where I’ll be eating!


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