Charging for checked bags is now standard practice. At the same time those who travel frequently know not to check bags. I had never been a particularly efficient packer, but last year I was forced to up my packing game. The idea that I could fit clothes for 11 days including shoes and a suit, seemed doubtful at best, yet that is the way I typically travel nowadays.

How I pack 

I usually travel for 4-5 days then get home and travel again within 2 weeks. The instance that forced me to change my packing strategy required that I stay on the road without returning home. I would be in one city for 5 days and then go to another for another 5. I searched online and found several tenicques. Since no single approach met my particular needs, I decided to combine them. This video illustrates how  I now pack my socks, t-shirt and underpants: US Marine style.

The second approach applies to my suits, dress shirts and pants which I don’t roll, but rather strategically fold. I have to credit this video from the since it was my inspiration. 

So there you have it. As I write this, I’m taking a break from packing the family bags for 12 days on the road in 2 carry-on bags that comply with the stingiest of airline requirements.



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