Our typical travel experience before making the most of our miles and points…

For the last decade, we have visited Canada at least once a year. In some instances we visit Ontario (Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Toronto) then we go further east on another trip to Quebec (Montreal and Quebec City). The last couple of years we have added a visit to Vermont on our way to Quebec.

We love Vermont! We have stayed at the Jay Peak Resort for the last couple of years. Since Summer is the low season, rates tend to be quite attractive. Our routine is to eat breakfast at the resort, then go to the indoor waterpark or take the tram top the top of Jay Peak. During our first trip, the Belfry, a restaurant we found a couple of miles from the resort and we have kept coming back. This is quite possibly the best restaurant in this part of the state.                                            

 Jay Peak, VermontIMG_5111.JPG

After a couple of wonderful days in Vermont, we drove to Montreal…


The next morning, we headed to Quebec City.

This time we decided to spend the bulk of the day around Quebec City, but selected the Mont-Sainte-Anne Ski Resort in Beaupré, QC  for the rest of our time in Canada. Before heading to Baupré, we ate at Le Cochon Digue, which was better than expected, perhaps we ate too much! The prices for all meals were reasonable and the service was fine as well. The other place we would recommend from this trip was Restored-Pub Le St-Bernard in Beaupré. The food and service were great. We would definitely visit one our next trip.

This trip was prior to my points and miles life, however, we used free nights to stay at this resort. We got lucky and we were upgraded to the penthouse at check-in. It was during this trip that we began to reexamine our travel strategies. For many years, our plan was to take advantage of travel flash sales and using sites to bid for mystery hotels and the like. As I will share in other posts, miles and points are now an essential part of all our travel plans.


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